Tuesday, July 14, 2009

about BEADs

Glass beads are a fascinating, beautiful creation. They have functioned as currency, gifts, works of art, and symbols of high status. They are recorded as being created, traded, and worn as jewelry by the earliest civilized societies, from Egyptians to Romans, Vikings to Indians. There are nearly as many types of glass beads as there are colors in the spectrum.

Some beads are dyed,galvanized or plated. The colors on the outer layers may come off, rubbed, or if soaked in the strong solvent.
Silverline or galvanized beads are oxidized while apply on certain fabrics that are acidic, they may decay or turn dark due to the chemical change. In order to avoid such case, neutralize your fabrics and threads before embroidering.
Some dyed color beads might fade by the sunray(info base from Miyuki-bead.co.jp)

Not all beads available in Malaysia (as far that I know), normally I buy beads from Zai (zaimanik.fotopages.com) and few shops around KL (email me if you want to know the actual shop).
I will update more about beads in the future ya. till then keep on bliNg Bling!!

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