Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ZaiManik Contest

Salam viewers...

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I just browse through some of my friends blogs, and then as usual i will visit my 'have to' blog. One of it, is Zaimanik fotopages. Guess what, she having a contest, which is giveaway contest.
let see what I have here....
Let me elaborate a bit about the stone. correct me if the info is wrong, but this is all that i know so far. i will update it if any additional info in the future. and i welcome any idea and info too.
stone's widely used in various kinds of garments and jewelery items, wedding dress, crafts, gifts set etc. Acrylic stone or some of you may called rhinestones are made of plastic and produced in molds. some of the rhinestones come with a platinum foil on the back for extra brilliance and protection. acrylic stone is an imitation stone and much cheaper from glass stone. then you buy this acrylic stone, i recommended that you ask the shop's owner whether the best for sewing purpose. this is because, some of the acrylic stones are made for crafts work. price depends on the size of the stone and quality. as alternative we can use crystal or glass stone. glass stone will make your creations look more grudge but very nice as a highlight to your bed works. glass stone is shinning that the imitation stones. this might influence the price, i think..
i recommend using needles that are as this as possible for hand sewing ( i used needle no 11). this is makes it easier to pull the needle through the holes in the stones or the beads. one particularly important factor is the choice of the right needle, thread, correct color of the beads and stones. variety stone and beads will make your design more bling bling. thread should same color with the fabrics and if you used stone either acrylic or glass stones, make sure using same color with the stone. stones normally have two holds and if the stone is big enough it will have four holes. do not mix the stones with other stones.
you can find various types of stones in the market or you can browse at

till then keep on bling bling ya!

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