Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Assalamualaikum everyone.

So sorry it was long time I didn't update anything. My weekend class has just started, I'm having severe constipation problem (actually I had suffered this since my eldest son's one month old and he is now 9 years old!) and currently my husband was admitted into hospital. Never mind, just a challenge for me to be more alert and stronger. Thanks to Allah who give me this strength and passion and everything. Alhamdullilah everything will be on track soon. I hope all of you can pray for the best for me, my family and for all of us ya!
I feel like want to write something today.
I have few projects going on, but let's take a break for while he he. While browsing the Internet (after so long, I didn't have time to do this ha ha ha). I just found a few good article which is I cut and paste from a few website, e.g.: &
Bling bling tips & thoughts for you today...
Tiger eye is a beautiful, warm honey-brown chatoyant gemstone. The gemstone is a quartz type material that has tiny needle-like internal structures. Because of the structure of tiger eye, light appears to shimmer or jump across the surface as the polished stone is moved under a light source. Cats-eye, a form of chrysoberyl has the same reflective quality. I did use it sometimes, but when it comes to budget, there's a limit for it.
For those who does not so 'calculative' why not right!?!
Pearl is an accident of nature, created by a mollusk to defend itself from the irritating effects of an unwelcome grain of sand. The animal secretes a protective substance (nacre) to shield its delicate body from the invader.
An original pearl is a hard, rounded object produced by certain mollusks, such as oysters. The pearl is a valued gemstone and is cultivated or harvested for jewelry. Natural pearls are formed when a small foreign object, such as a parasite, grain of sand, or piece of food lodges itself in the gonad or mantle tissue of a mollusk or oyster.
Psst... do you dare to put real pearl on your dress???
I think, that's all for now. I'll try my very best to update next tips & thoughts more often. Till then do take care of yourself. During this hot season, please and please drink a lot of plain water. Enjoy yourself and keep on bling bling!!

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